Safety Home Address    
539 E. Smith Rd. Bellingham, WA 98226

Phone: (360)398-7448           Fax: (360)398-7442


Safety Home Address Hall of Fame

Testimonials and Quotable Quotes…

About GuidePost...
    "I would like to commend the people at Safety Home Address for their great invention. (the reflective address post) It has been so helpful for service people, guests etc. for finding our home."

Thanks so much, Satisfied Customer
Ritt Lewis
Everson, WA

About GuidePost…

    "Your time, Your trouble, Your talents have improved not only the Guide Meridian but other county roads! Bravo! May your work continue. May more people get your posts installed. This service is timely."

Thank You. Sincerely, a County Road Commuter
Whatcom County, WA



    "The Moberly Housing Authority purchased reflective address signs from your company for 150 duplex apartments.
They are attractive and show up well giving us consistent numbering for all the apartment units. We consider this an important safety feature for our community. The night visibility is especially helpful to everyone who comes here. We received the address signs in a timely manner and the price was affordable. We freely recommend Safety Home Address to other housing authorities and apartment owners."

Executive Director: Donna Ragsdale
Moberly, Missouri


Fire chief about Emergency Response on radio KGMI…

    "On a dark rainy night in November or December, we almost have to stop at each mailbox to look at the address to see what it is."

    "In an emergency, those extra seconds spent trying to find your house could mean the difference between life and death"

    "With these things, the "GuidePosts", it’s great, you don’t have to slow down, you know right where you’re going, you’re in the driveway, and there to help the people that need help."

    "The thing we liked about ‘em was at night, especially in rainy nights when winter’s on, The visibility of ‘em is about a hundred yards away or more…I mean, it’s so much easier to find the address, and if it’s an emergency at the house, whether it’s a fire, or a heart attack or something like that, the response time that we have is so much quicker for not only us, but the medic units or whatever that are coming to the scene…"

Fred Wefer
Fire Chief in Lake Samish, WA

Special Thanks to…

    Trillium Safe Community Foundation for their donation of $5,000 toward blanket coverage addressing 12 miles of Guide Meridian Hwy 539 from Bellingham to the Canadian border.
    Tests showed this reduced rear end collisions from motorists making less sudden stops searching for addresses along this busy road.

Special Thanks to…

    All the satisfied customers who have returned to order Safety Home Address products as gifts.
    Thanks for caring and proving your concern for many elderly parents, friends and neighbors.

Walk in customer about GuidePost…
    "I wish we had one of these last night!"

    After a 15 minute nearly fatal delay from responders trying to find a poorly marked address. Sudden Valley Bellingham, WA


Serious Question about Address Identification…
    "If you called 911 could they find you!?!
Fast emergency response is one of the paramedics main goals. A few seconds saved could be a life. The faster they find your address the sooner they can do what they're trained to do"

Steve Bosman, Safety Home Address   Bellingham, WA

Policeman about Quick Response…

    "If everyone would mark their address it would sure make response faster and our job a lot easier.
    Most people think their address is just for the mailman and don’t think about 911."

Policeman, Lynden, WA

Fireman about Quick Response…

    "If we can’t find you… We can’t help you. Please mark your address. Don’t call 911 to play hide and seek."

Volunteer Fireman, Sandy Point, WA

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