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Resale List
These Items Packaged for Stores ... Call for Pricing!

When purchasing, panel orders must be in packs of 10 while GuidePosts must be in packs of 12.
We suggest ordering 1 pack of each number for every pack of blanks.

Item (click to see details)

 Single-Flag (5x14)
 Standard Panel (6x18)
 Deluxe Panel (6x18 1-Sided)
 Deluxe Panel (6x18 Contoured)
 GuidePost (4 digit, packs of 12)
 GuidePost (5 digit, packs of 12)
 3" Reflective Numbers (2 per bag)
 3" Reflective Numbers (2 per bag)
 4" Reflective Numbers (1 per bag)

NOTE  GuidePost orders may be a mix of 4 or 5 digit & a mix of colors if desired. With your first order of 12, we will give you the 12th post FREE as a display sample. The numbers "1234" will already be applied.

The GuidePost is a great gift idea for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays, etc. It comes in an attractive & convenient box for wrapping or shipping.

Full Color Point-of-Purchase
Display Panels available in three sizes!

12" Display
Contour Cut!

10" Display

6" Display

Point-of-Purchase Display

This display features a full color panel measuring 48" tall by 20" wide.  A full size GuidePost comes attached to the front as an example and 20 packs of each reflective number from 0-9 hang from pegs located on the panel itself.