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Standard Panel - Double Side... is typically used as a vertical address flagged toward the road from a 4x4 post. It has 1/4" holes top and bottom along one side. This flag method of attachment is economical as it does not require additional hardware for mounting. Some consideration to direction of traffic should be taken so the numbers can be seen from both ways.
       The numbers are vertically centered and offset to the leading edge so the post does not hide the numbers on the back side. The standard number size for vertical addressing is 3". If addresses are fewer than 5 digit there may be room for larger 3.5"numbers.
       This panel is often mounted to the front of an existing mailbox post. If there are more mailboxes together we recommend the address be on a separate post marking the individual driveway. Several mailboxes grouped together, even if they are clearly addressed, mostly benefits the mailman. Emergency response prefers "access addressing" (your driveway), to overcome the difficulty of which number belongs to what house when arriving at these address clusters.

Standard Panel - Double Side... horizontal addressing is easy to read. When mounted in this way it will not combine with the mailbox post as it would get in the way of the mail carrier. This means it will have to be used as it should, on a separate post marking your driveway entrance.
       When standard panels are intended to be used horizontally you need to specify horizontal use with the holes on one end only.
on the number of address digits in your area the standard panel 6"x18" has room for larger numbers. Making this one of the most effective address standards.


Standard Horizontal 6"x18" with 3" numbers

Standard Horizontal 6"x18" with 3.5" numbers

Standard Horizontal 6"x18" with 4" numbers

Single Flag Panel - Double Side... Most economical Panel for horizontal use. It is a smaller version of the Standard Panel. The method of installation is also flagged from a 4x4 post. The standard 3"numbers are offset to the leading edge opposite the mounting holes. Single Fag is a great economical way to cover a whole fire district in a uniform way. Larger 3.5" numbers are also available for 4 digit address areas.

Single Flag 5"x14" with 3" numbers
Single Flag 5"x14" with 3.5" numbers

Standard Panel 6"x18" and Single Flag 5"x14" - Single Side... Deluxe Panel (6x18 1-Sided) When these panels are intended to be used as House Number Panels (directly mounted to the house), in more residential areas, be specific in your order. Single side panels use half the numbers and sheeting, and when mounted directly to a wall a heavier gauge aluminum may not even be necessary, considerable savings are possible with large orders.
       1. What gauge aluminum .050 or .063?
       2. Call for Single side reflective sheeting.
       3. Holes to be center drilled on ends.
       4. Horizontal use allows larger number options
           What size numbers do you want for your
           application...3", 3.5", or 4" numbers?

Spotlights (mailbox adhesive)
Large 4"x 12" with 3" numbers for sides
Small 1.5"x 4.5 with 1" numbers for front


Curb Address Panel 4"x12"
Single Side .050 Aluminum

       Quick and easy installation... Adhere to curb front with silicone. A great, low cost, fundraiser item. Lasts much longer than stencil painted on. Not as obtrusive as some forms of addressing but possibly not as effective either, considering cars may be parked in front of address or may be seasonally blocked by snow or leaves.

Multi Flag Panel - Double Side... If your serious about ending the confusion over
who lives where. We have set a standard for multiple address listing. Display all addresses at the head of the lane with the Multi Flag panel and mark individual driveways with single address markers. This is the best way to end "false lane search". The Multi Flag really supports 911 responders. It's just plain convenient addressing. The ultimate cure for mailbox cluster address confusion.

       The more addresses listed the bigger the panel. It's 14" wide by ??? tall
and displays addresses with 3" consecutive numbers Flag mounted to 4x4 post. This is the best application of our slogan...
"A Good I.D. makes LIFE easier!"