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Oops! Well, that doesnít look too good.

How to remove screwed up numbersÖ

In 3 easy steps

1.      throw panel away

2.      get out checkbook

3.      place new order


Well thatís the easy way! But if time has no meaning to you whatsoever. You might follow these helpful hints.


The longer reflective adhesive numbers are on the panel the more they stick and the harder they are to get off.


So the sooner you admit to yourself, you messed up, the better. This is the hardest step imaginable for some personality types on the road to recovery.


In some instances when only a portion of the number is pressed down and you decide itís not the placement you want. A very quick jerk up can shock the number off. It doesnít give the adhesive a chance to stretch. This fast action can sometimes come up clean and leave no adhesive behind. If youíre lucky the number will stay intact.


Temperature has a lot to do with reflective number application and removal. The colder it is, the more brittle the vinyl. Sometimes this makes the vinyl break apart in tiny little pieces before you can get a big enough piece to grip. The warmer it is, the more pliable the vinyl is allowing it to be pulled easier.


A hair dryer or heat gun can help. Donít overdo it. Too much heat will soften the vinyl too much. It will tear apart, not allowing larger portions to be pulled of. Too much heat can also damage the reflective background. It becomes very fragile and easy to scratch with prying fingernails.


Carefully flick an edge of the number upward with your fingernail till there is enough to pull with your fingers.

Speed is also a factor in pulling letters. Allow time for adhesive to release as you pull. If you pull too fast it will become brittle and break.


If you canít lift or peal off the numbersÖ


Try a soapy solution and a sharp new razor. The soapy solution helps the razor not to scratch or dig into the vinyl background or the adhesive on the number being removed to stick to the razor. Keep the angle of the razor as flat to the surface as possible so it wonít scratch or dig in. Pulling as you undercut makes this go quite fast. It helps to follow the stroke of the number.


The soap & razor method comes off faster but leaves more adhesive. This needs to be completely cleaned off so the next number can lay smooth. Any adhesive left will also collect dirt.


Apply paint thinner to adhesive with paper towel several times. It will soak up the thinner and gel up on the surface. Gently rub over adhesive areas till it balls up on the paper towel. The thinner will continue to keep the surface slippery and keep the adhesive from re-sticking as it collects on the paper towel. It takes about 4 minutes for adhesive to absorb enough thinner and release.