Our most popular product is the 30" "GuidePost"TM.  This reflective post is highly visible day or night. It attractively accents your driveway entrance or lane. The concept of driveway entrance addressing is a great help to Quick Emergency Response or just plain convenient addressing for visiting friends. Most folks like their pizza delivered HOT!

Mark your driveway entrance with our patented, decorative style address markers. This model is 30" tall. The top portion is wrapped with basic color reflective and has 3" white reflective address numbers placed vertically on two sides facing traffic.

"GuidePost"TM Features:

  • Reflective 3" numbers, visible day and night.

  • Numbered on 2 sides for both directions of traffic.

  • All PVC, it will not rust or rot.

  • Attractive and functional.

  • Tamper proof fastener for security.

  • Easy internal pound-in stake installation.

  • Easy to clean with a warm soapy cloth.

  • It is very affordable.

  • A support for 911 responders.

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